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Choosing a woodland burial offers you an opportunity to return to nature.

If you should so wish, you may visit us and select your final resting place at Penwith Woodland Burial. You may walk the grounds and personally pick that very special location, for you and perhaps others.

If you don’t like the idea of dealing with this yourself, you can nominate a family member to do this for you, or we will choose a lovely plot for you when the time comes.

We work closely with Undertakers, Natural Death and Burial groups, Humanists and Green Funeral companies. Traditional or alternative; you can even arrange your own burial, no officials, just you, your loved ones and the countryside around you.

We can also inter cremated remains should you so wish.


“Fear not death for the sooner we die, the longer we shall be immortal.”
— Benjamin Franklin

Photo: Burial
Photo: Burial

In order to ensure that the woodland burial place remains as natural as possible in every respect, we request that only bio-degradable coffins be used or ecologically sound wooden coffins made from timber felled in managed forests. This also applies to a casket containing cremated remains.

The deceased can be accepted for burial in a shroud, cardboard, homemade, wool or standard coffin to an appropriate design.

A burial here offers you an alternative, a natural form of burial. The area has been planned to create a traditional woodland, providing environmental benefits; encouraging flora and fauna. It will be chosen by those who love birds, wildlife and wish to create a natural legacy for future generations to enjoy.

It must be appreciated that the traditional neat and formal look of cemeteries does not apply us here at Rose Farm. Grass will be mowed at specific times of the year, to assist in promoting various wild flowers and sometimes grazing sheep will be found in the grounds.