You are bound to have lots of questions, below are answers to some that we get asked regularly; if you're in any doubt please don't hesitate to give us a call and we will help you in person.

Woodland Burial

Can I choose my very own resting place?

You most certainly can; please call us to make an appointment to come and visit us. We will walk you through the tree planted fields and assist you make that very important choice.

What will happen to the Woodland Burial in years to come?

We are a family owned business and the property is held in Trust. Some of our family are already buried at Rose Farm and the rest all plan to join them. Its current use is protected after your burial to the maximum extent possible under English Law.

Can any domination be buried there?


May I be buried with my pet?

Yes, your pet's ashes can happily be interred with you.

Does each person have a tree as a memorial?

At the appropriate time of year a tree will be planted in remembrance of your burial.

Is the ground consecrated?

No, all earth is sacred to us; but individual plots may be blessed should you so wish.

Will there be headstones?

No, just small slate markers.

Is the woodland maintained?

It must be appreciated that the traditional neat and formal look of cemeteries does not apply us here at Rose Farm. Grass will be mowed at specific times of the year, to assist in promoting various wild flowers and sometimes grazing sheep will be found in the grounds.


Single Grave £1,500.00
Double Grave - side by side £2,750.00
Interment of Ashes £ 550.00

The above all include the planting of an appropriate tree

Scattering of Ashes £ 100.00

The Memorial Gardens

What times are you open?

You are welcome to visit the memorial gardens and woodland burial ground at any time.

Penwith Pet Cremation and Horse Cemetery

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